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    2. News

      12 April 2019
      On April 2nd, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) held its first-ever Indigenous Lobby Day on Parliament Hill, which was the first in Canadian labour history. CLC had 129 participants from 21 different union affiliates meeting with 78?Members of Parliament and Senators on Parliament Hill.
      11 April 2019
      On Wednesday, PIPSC members from across the country came together to participate in a central bargaining webinar with President Debi Daviau and Director of National Labour Relations Richard Beaulé.
      11 April 2019
      Zul Nanji is a retired International Tax Auditor with the CRA. Originally from Kenya, Zul has been working in international taxation since he moved to Ottawa in 1992, and was a tax auditor with the government for 35 years.
      8 April 2019
      This week members across the country are holding events in their workplaces to call on the federal government to Do Better on family leave. Lunch & learns, information sessions and family events are bringing members together to show strength and solidarity with the Central Bargaining Team.
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